Migrants- Paleokipos



Family Name: Bloukos   
Name: Neoklis    
Life:    1884- 1964
Father's Name: Efstratios (Paleokipos) 
Mother's Name:   Efstratia (Mesargos)  
Siblings:  Vasilios, Paraschos, Fotios, Maria, Eleni, Lesvia, Androniki
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1912 (Neoklis returned to Australia in the early 1960's)
Married:   Adrianna Logotheti (Andros)
  Maria Roditou (Paleokipos)
Children:   Efstratios, Nikolaos, Eleni, Konstantinos, Calypso, Adrianna, Evdoxia, Amanthia
Livelihood:   Landowner/ Farmer  
Year of Return to Greece:  1934 
City of Residence: Ayr, Queensland, Australia


Above: With his older brother, Vasilios. 

Above Right: Family. Standing from left are: his son, Efstratios; his nephew and niece, Achilleas and Katina; himself; and his children, Eleni and Nikolaos. Seated from left are his children; Calypso, Evdoxia, Amanthia and Adrianna.  


Above: With Georgios Logothetis, and his children Eleni and Konstantinos. 

Above Right: On his farm, in Ayr Queensland. 


Above: A portrait. 

Above Right: Paleokipos. Looking after his bee-hives- with his daughter, Calypso. 

Above: With his grandchildren, Konitsa, Adrianna and Maria.