Migrants- Paleokipos

Eleni was born in Ayr, north Queensland, and her family returned to Greece in 1934, where they resided in Paleokipos.

Family Name: Bloukou 
Name: Eleni   
Year of Birth:   1926 
Father's Name: Neoklis (Paleokipos) 
Mother's Name:   Adrianna Logothetis (Andros) 
Siblings:  Efstratios, Nikolaos, Konstantinos, Calypso (Malanga), Adrianna (Papadimitriou), Evdoxia (Alexandris), Amanthia (Gavana)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Married: Nikolaos Koukaris (Paleokipos)
Children:  Konitsa, Adrianna, Theodora 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood:  Small Business- Shops


Above: Ayr, north Queensland. With my parents, Adrianna and Neoklis (they are left), and, Galatia and Georgios Mihailides- with their son, Achilleas. 

Above Right: As young children, with my brother, Kostantinos.  


Above: With my siblings, Efstratios, Calypso, Nikolaos and Kostantinos. I am holding my sister, Adrianna. 

Above Right: Paleokipos, Lesvos. With my brothers, Estratios, Nikolaos and Konstantinos, on our farm. 


Above: With my father, Neoklis, and brothers, Efstratios and Nikolaos, 

Above Right: Harvesting the olives trees on our farm. L-R: my brother, Efstratios; my sister, Amanthia; myself; my sister, Evdoxia; and Panagiotis Loutinos.  


Above: A portrait. 

Above Right: On my wedding day, with my husband, Nikolaos.