Migrants- Agiassos


Family Name: Vergamalis  
Name: Eleni 
Year of Birth:    1946
Father's Name: Nikolaos (Agiassos)
Mother's Name:   Sophia Psirdelli (Agiassos)
Siblings:  Panagiotis, Mihail
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1950
Sponsor:    Savvas Pergamalis (my uncle)
Year of Return to Greece:  1958  
Married:  Haralambos Macaronis (Agiassos) 
Children:  Kleanthis, Nikolaos, Vasilios, Alexandros 
City of Residence: Agiassos, Lesvos, Greece


Above: With my parents, Maria and Nikolaos, and my brother, Mihail. 

Above Right: Orating a poem at Independence Day celebrations- with my (afternoon) Greek School in Surry Hills. 


Above: With my niece, Sophie. 

Above Right: With Eleni and Ignatios. 


Above: With my husband, Haralambos, on our wedding day. 

Above Right: With my husband, Haralambos- we are on the left- and sons- they are on the right.