Migrants- Agiassos


Family Name: Maistrelli 
Name: Stavroula 
Year of Birth:      1940
Father's Name: Vasilios (Agiassos) 
Mother's Name:   Irini Kalifou (Agiassos)
Siblings:  Maria (Simelli) 

Year of Arrival in the United States of America:

Sponsor:    Leonidas Kaloutzis (my husband) 
Married:  Leonidas Kaloutzis (Agiassos)
Children:  Vasilios
City of Residence: New York, United States of America
Livelihood:  Small Business- Donut Shop/ Wholesaler


Above: My parents, Vasilios and Irini (left), with my in-laws, Aphrodite and Mihail. 

Above Right: With my husband, Leonidas.