Migrants- Katos Tritos


Family Name: Souflias 
Name: Dimitrios 
Year of Birth:      1929
Father's Name: Panagiotis (Katos Tritos)
Mother's Name:   Evlotina Pasinios (Katos Tritos)
Siblings:  Konstantinos, Efstratios, Georgios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1957
Sponsor:    D.E.M.E. Gov't Sposored Program 
Married:  Voula Diakodimitriou (Samos, Greece) 
Children:  Panagiotis, Maria 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  State Railways


Above: My brother, Efstratios, with our cousins, Katina, Despina, Ourania and Elpida.

Above Right: In the National Service; I am first from the right.  


Above: Visiting Epidauros. At the time, I was working in the construction industry and we were rendering a hotel in the area. 

Above Right: With friends in Moschato, Athens. L-R: two unknowns, Dimitrios and Adamandia, Nikolaos and me. 


Above: With my cousin, Katina Souflia (we are first and second from left in the back row) and friends from Agrinio. At the time, we were all renting a house in Tempe, Sydney. 

Above Right: With my wife, Voula. 


Above: With my wife, Voula, and our son, Panagiotis. 

Above Right: With my wife, Voula, and our children, Panagiotis and Maria. 


Above: Visiting Monaco, Europe, 1992. With my cousin, Katina and her husband, Alexandros. My wife, Voula, is taking the photograph. 

Above Right: With my wife, Voula, in our garden.