Migrants- Hidera


Family Name: Kambas  
Name: Pandelis 
Year of Birth:   1927
Father's Name: Telemachus (Hidera)
Mother's Name:   Irini Ioakimidou (Hidera) 
Siblings: Niklaos, Emmanouil, Ioakim, Andonios, Maria (Katsabi), Angela (Hinkiami)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1954
Sponsor: D.E.M.E. Gov't Sponsored Program
Married:  Eleni Mihalidou (Mesotopos)
Children:  Telemachus, Emmanouil
Livelihood:  Factory Hand- the Glass Factory 
Year of Return to Greece:  1964
City of Residence: Mesotopos, Lesvos, Greece


Above: My mother, Irini, with my brother, Ioakim, and my fiance, Eleni Mihalidou. At the time, Eleni was prepapring to migrate to Australia. c1958.

Above Right: Walking in Newtown, Sydney; I am coming home from shopping.


Above: With my friend, Ioannis Fanaras (right).

Above Right: With ,my god-daughter, Eleni.


Above: At my wedding. In the front rwo are: my brother, Ioakim; my koubaro, Mihail Iatrellis; myself and my wife, Eleni; my sister, Maria; my cousin, Grigorios Kambas; and Panagiotis Houvardas. In the back row are: Martha and Panagiotis Xenakis, and Permathoula Kamba (Grigorios' wife). The bridesmaid on the right is Grigorios and Permathoula's daughter, Maria.


Above: With my wife, Eleni, on our wedding day.

Above Right: With my wife, Eleni, and our sons, Emmanouil and Telemachus.


Above: On our farm in Porto (Mesotopos).

Above Right: With my wife, Eleni, and our grand-daughter, Eleni.