Migrants- Vatousa


Family Name: Kamvounias
Name: Ioannis
Year Of Birth:  1926
Father' Name: Panagiotis (Vatousa)
Mother's Name:   Mitrodora Boufelli (Vatousa)
Siblings:  Elpiniki (Gninelli), Despina (Kanellopoulou), Eralou (Manoliou), Konstantinos, Efstratios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1955
Sponsor:    D.E.M.E. Gov't Sponsored Program 
Married: Myrsini Mandroule (Paleohori
Children:  Maria, Panagiota, Eleni 
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small business- mixed business 


Above: My parents, Panagiotis and Mitrodora, on our family fields at Vretera.

Above Right: National Service. i am on the left.


Above: A portrait. 

Above Right: Out with friends. L-R: Fanis Karamihalis, myself, Panagiotis Kalkandis and Angelos.  


Above: A wedding photograph- with my wife, Myrsini, and our guests. Our koubaro was Panagiotis Halakas. 

Above Right: Working with my wife, Myrsini, in our shop- a mixed business in Stanmore, Sydney. 


Above: In the rear of our shop. 

Above Right: Receiving an Award from the Manager of Cottees Drinks for our shop selling the most Cottees drinks in a month. 


Above: With our Australian neighbours in Stanmore. I am holding my daughter, Maria. 

Above Right: My parents' visit to Australia. L-R: My mother, Mitrodora; my wife, Myrsini- holding our daughter, Eleni; boy (foreground); Metaxia Koliva; and my father, Panagiotis.