Migrants- Paleohori


Family Name: Tsimnadis
Name: Apostolos   
Year of Birth:   1945-2016
Father's Name: Mihail (Paleohori)  
Mother's Name:   Hionia Mavragani (Paleohori) 
Siblings:  Paroula (Tselmekian) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1969
Sponsor:    Ioannis Malamas (Paleohori)
Married:  Eleni Malama (Paleohori)
Children:  Mihail, Evangelia, Hionia 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood: Small Business- shops


Above: Celebrating Agios Ioannis (June 24) at Melinda Beach. L-R: Panagiotis Sotirhos, myself, Grigorios Karres, Panagiotis Koutsouradis and Panagiotis Halakas. 

Above Right: Dancing at the village of Megalohori. L-R: myself, Nikolaos Psarros and Panagiotis Koutsouradis. 


Above: Two photographs taken during my National Service. On the Right, we are re-enacting the Liberation of Kalamata (March 23). 


Above: In Omonoia, Athens- at a basement bar- with Vasilios Michales (left). I am on the right. c1966.

Above Right: A portrait taken in Sydney. 


Above: Two photographs taken on my wedding day. On the Left, I am with my wife, Eleni, while on the Right, I am with my wife, Eleni, parents, Mihail and Hionia, and sister, Paroula. 


Above: Picnic with the Paleohoritan Association of Sydney, "Evangelistria". Vasilios Michales (seated centre) was President at the time, and I am seated on the right. I was Treasurer of "Evangelistria" for many, many years. I was also been a Committee Member of the Mytilenian Brotherhood of Sydney. 

Above Right: With my wife, Eleni, and our children, Mihail, Evangelia and Hionia.