Migrants- Antissa


Family Name: Kalatzoudas 
Name: Nikolaos 
Year of Birth:      1942
Father's Name: Pandelis (Antissa)
Mother's Name:   Despina Leontiou (Antissa)
Siblings:  Savvas, Katina (Hassapi) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1958
Sponsor:    Pandelis Kalatzoudas (my father) 
Married:  Georgia Manti (Ahladokambos, Argolidas)
Children:  Eleni, Denise
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- shops 



Above: The Kalatzoudas family. With my parents, Pandelis and Despina, and siblings, Savvas and Katina. 

Above Right: Celebrating Independence Day. I am the evzone in the foreground, while on the left and right of the foreground is Mimis Pasadellis and Ioannis Tsiknis.  Circa early 1950's. 


Above: La Perouse Beach, Sydney. Standing are: Georgios Kapouronis, Ioannis, Christos Kapouronis and myself. In the front row are; Christos Kapouronis and Ioannis Stefanidakis.

Above Right: Outside a Church. Standing are: Iosif vatos, myself, Ioannis Gnisios and Panagiotis Vrondis.  


Above: A portrait. 

Above Right: At my engagement party- with my father, Pandelis (left) and fiance, Georgia Manti (centre). 


Above: With family and friends. L-R: Kosmas Hassapis- with Despina; my father, Pandelis; Vaso Kalatzouda; my wife, Georgia; Anna Xenaki; my sister, Katina and her husband, Athanasios Hassapis; my mother, Despina; myself; Panagiotis Xenakis; my brother, Savvas; Mary Hassapis (nee: Kalantzi)- with Effie Kalatzouda.

Above Right: With my wife, Georgia, and my parents, Pandelis and Despina.