Vasilios Vasilas' Exhibition on Show In Melbourne

Exhibition Tour Continues... in Melbourne

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mixing the flow of ouzo with socio-cultural history, Vasilios Vasilas's photo-exhibition, "Our Journey", was presented during Palesviaki Enosis of Mebourne and Victoria's OuzoFest11 at Bayswater, Melbourne. 

Invited by the Pan-Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand to exhibit his work, Melbourne's Lesvian community was able to see first-hand the successful photo- exhibition that was presented in Sydney (November 2010) and Mytilene (August 2010). 


Above: Vasilios Vasilas addresses the crowd at OuzoFest11 

Above Right: Pan-Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand, Georgios Stavrinos, with Victorian Member of Parliament for Bayswater, Heidi Victoria, at the Exhbition. 

For Vasilios Vasilas himself, the photo exhibition was a perfect opportunity to promote his work Lesvian migation to Australia on

"Despite this being my fifth visit to Melbourne for the purpose of documenting Lesvian migrants for our website, my work remains relatively unknown. Having the exhibition in Melbourne gave people something to see- the work that is being done and where it is going," stated Vasilios Vasilas.

" With the exhibition, I felt Melbourne's Lesvians are beginning to understand the importance of preserving our identity within a multicultural environment and for future generations to be able to trace their heritage.


Above: Vasilios Vasilas, with Pan-Lesvian Federation's President, Georgios Stavrinos, and Palesviaki Enosis of Melbourne and Victoria's President, Panagiotis Demetriou. 

Above Right: Themistocles Hatzinikolaou- with the backdrop of his photograph and story of migration in the background. 

"So many ancient civilizations built buildings and other works (i.e. statues), but the great pity is written documentation did not survive (or may not have been written), so we do not have any insight about these people. Syndesmos provides us with an opportunity to preserve our identity and stories."

In his speech, Vasilas thanked the Pan-Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand's President, Georgios Stavrinos, and Secretary, Mary Tremoulas, for all their help. In the case of Georgios Stavrinos, he is actually giving up his time to take Vasilas house-to-house to conduct his nterviews in Melbourne. He also thanked Palesviaki Enosis of Melbourne and Victoria's President, Panagiotis Demetriou, and his Committee for all their help and support.

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