Migrants- Napi


Family Name: Zafiriou   
Name: Adrianna 
Year of Birth:      1936
Father's Name: Stavros (Serekui, Asia Minor) 
Mother's Name:   Penelope Kapetana (Napi)
Siblings:  Efthalia (Aftozmi)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1956
Chrstoforos Karageorgiou (my fiance at the time)
Married:  Chrystoforos Karageorgiou (Napi) 
Children:  Ioannis, Haralambos, Stavros
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- Fish & Chips shop



Above: As a baby, being held by Niki Karanikola. 

Above Right: With my school friend, Aspasia (right) at Mytilene's Castle. 


Above: Another photograph from a 3rd Year High School excursion. I am with Fotini (left). 

Above Right: With my future sister-in-law (at the time), Eleni Karageorgiou. 


Above: At St Kilda Luna Park, Melbourne. L-R: Dimitrios Sevastos, Kanoula Seavastos, my husband, Chrystoforos, and me. 

Above Right: With my Australian neighbours- Mrs MacKenzie and Rosie- at Warrnabool, Victoria. 


Above: With my husband, Chrystoforos. 

Above Right: With my husband, Chrystoforos, and our children, Stavros, Ioannis and Haralambos.