Migrants- Stypsi


Family Name: Valasis 
Name: Ignatios   
Year of Birth:    1946
Father's Name: Fokion (Stypsi)
Mother's Name:   Ekaterina Karanikolaou (Stypsi) 
Siblings:  Ioannis, Mihail, Efstratia 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1965
Sponsor:    Kleanthis Orphanides (Stypsi)
Married: Konstantina Manda (Stypsi)
Children:  Fokion, Xenophon
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia 
Livelihood: Small Business- Butchers 


Above: With my parents, Fokion and Ekaterina, and my brother, Ioannis (right). 

Above Middle: End of Year School Activities. I am being lifted in the second "triangle".

Above Right: Kos, 1959. At the Agricultural School. L-R: Theodoros Voumvellis, Ignatios Karekas, unknown and myself.


Above: With Nikos Orphanides (middle) and Christos Petrou (right). c1965. 

Above Right: Mildura, New South Wales. For one season, I worked as a grape-picker. In this photograph, I am posing with other workers. I am standing first on the right. c1965


Above: With my brothers, Ioannis(left) and Mihail (middle). 

Above Right: Working at our family business, Continental Butchery, in Prahrain, Melbourne. 


Above: With my wife, Konstantina, and our sons, Xenophon and Fokion. 

Above Right: With my siblings Ioannis, Efstratia and Mihail.