Agiassiotes and Mytilenians Unite for Big Carnavale

 Oh! What a Night! 

Thr Progressive Community of Agiassos and the Mytilenian Brotherhood of NSW came together to hold the annual Carnavale. On a night that will be remembered for its colour and zest for a good time, this year's Carnavale lived up to its high expectations. 


Above: Presidents of their respective Associations, Nikos Savvas (left) and Stavros Kritikos (right) address members and guests. 

In a Mytilenian House, members and guests enjoyed a wonderful evening of Agiassiotiko satire, as well as lots of great food and dancing.


Above: Two of the satirists- Melpo Savvas and Efstratios Pipiritis. 

This year's satirists included Mihalis Christofaris, Efstratios Pipiritis and Melpo Savvas, whose themes ranged from the bawdy humour of growing old to the Troika's control over the Greek economy. 


Above: Mihalis Christofaris- in fine form- with his wife, Sophia, and Eleni. 

Above Right: Getting ready from the dance. 

Highlights included the many women and girls who got dressed in traditional dresses and danced together; the procession included three generations of dancers, which gives hope the younger generations will continue to uphold the traditions of the Carnavale. 


Above: Three generations of Agiassitisses. 

Above Right: Welcoming photographer, Giorgos Iordanou. L-R: Giorgos Savvas, Giorgos Iordanou, Stavros Kritikos, Nikos Savvas, Giorgos Kefalas and Vicky Kritikos. 

Special guest at the Carnavale was visiting photographer from Mytilene, Giorgos Iordanou. 

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