Migrants- Vervendo, Kozani



Family Name: Katliakas   
Name: Georgios  
Year of Birth: 1949
Father's Name: Zinnon (Vervendo, Kozani) 
Mother's Name: Dimitra Vlatis (Vervendo, Kozani)
Siblings: Argiris 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1971
Sponsor: Mihail Balanis (Vervendo, Kozani)
Married: Sofia Paparelli (Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos)
Children: Dimitra, Zinno, Ekaterina
City of Residence: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Livelihood: Small Business- Take Aways

Above: My parents, Dimitra and Zinnon.

Above Right: Selling ‘koulouria’ in a school play.

Above: At the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in winter. L-R: Koula Tsami, unknown, myself, Markos Balanis and unknown.  In the front is Ioannis Stamatis.

Above Right: With Markos Balanis (right).

Above: With Konstantinos Kandratzis (left).

Above Right: At the Monastery of Holy Trinity. L-R: myself, my cousin Georgios Miraleas and friend, Nikolaos Karadimos.

Above: On my first day of National Service in Kalamata, I am on the right.

Above Right: At the Acropolis, Athens. With my wife, Sofia, and our children, Dimitra, Katerina and Zinnon.

Above: A photograph taken during my brother Argiris’ holiday to Australia. L-R: myself, my son, Zinnon, my wife, Sofia, my daughter, Katerina, and my brother Argiris. C1992

Above Right: Gathering peaches on my father’s farm. L-R: myself, my brother, Argiris, my daughter, Katerina, and my father, Zinnon.

Above: A photograph taken during my parents’ visit to Australia. L-R: my mother-in-law, Katina Paparelli, my parents, Zinnon and Dimitra, myself and my children, Zinnon and Dimitra.

Above Right: At my granddaughter Evangelia’s baptism. L-R: myself, my children, Katerina and Zinnon, and my wife, Sofia, whose holding Evangelia.