Vasilis Vasilas Pays Tribute to Korean War Veteran

 Jim Liakatos Honoured

February 5, 2017

Sydney historian, Vasilis Vasilas, and the Progressive Community of Agiassos, honoured Korean War veteran, Jim Liakatos for his national duty and sacrifice.

Over thirty people, relatives and friends, turned up for the surprise occasion and it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Above: Vice President, George Savvas, Stratis Tamvakeras, Korean War veteran, Jim Liakatos, and historian, Vasilis Vasilas

In his address, Vasilis highlighted how difficult it often is for war veterans to recount the difficult experiences of the battlefield and used Jim's experience- of having to drive a military truck back to base while both sides were firing cannons at each other- to capture how traumatic and frightening war is. 

Vasilis also highlighted Jim's great humanity when he was willing to bring back to Greece a Korean orphan, Kim, and adopt him, and it was only the Greek Authority that denied him.


Above: Two photographs of relatives and friends who turned up to honour Jim Liakatos. 

In an emotional addition, Stratis Tamvakeras recounted his first meetings with Jim in the 1950s in Sydney and how quiet and measured Jim was- which was probably as a result of his war experiences. 

It should also be noted that Vasilis also honoured another Agiassioti in the book, the late Savvas Pergamalis, who fought in the Second World War


Above: Stratis Piperitis accepts the honour for his late father-in-law, Savvas Pergamalis. 

Above Right: Vasilis presents Jim with a copy of his book, Between the Shots and the Silence, which Jim's war story is in, as a gesture of appreciation.