Migrants- Vatousa

Family Name: Kambounias
Name: Konstantinos
Year Of Birth:  19
Father' Name: Panagiotis
Mother's Name:   Mitrodora Boufelli
Siblings:  Ioannis, Elpiniki (Gninelli), Despina (Kanellopoulou), Eralou (Manoliou), Efstratios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1963
Sponsor:    D.E.M.E. Gov't Sponsored Program
Married: Sophia Apostolou (Vatousa)
Children:  Erifili, Theodora, Panagiotis
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: State Railways



Above Left: My parents, Panagiotis and Mitrodora (Boufellis). They came out to Australia in 1964 and stayed for five

years before returning to Greece.

Above Right: This photograph was taken in 1960, when our family's "symbetheri"-

the Grammatas family from Plomari- came to visit us. I am standing second from the right and my father is

standing next to me, while my mother, Mitrodora, is sitting first from the right.