Migrants- Vatousa

Family Name: Konstantelli
Name: Myrta
Year Of Birth:  1934
Father' Name: Fotios
Mother's Name:   Angela Koutrouli
Siblings:  Paraskevi (Samara), Panagiotis
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1963
Sponsor:    Andonios Kontellis (my brother-in-law)
Married: Ioannis Kontellis (Vatousa)
Children:  Fotios
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Machinist- Sandlers Shoe factory


Above Left: The Konstandellis Family in our family home's backyard in Vatousa.

From left we are: my sister, Paraskevi; my father, Fotios; my mother, Angela; and myself.

My brother, Panagiotis, is sitting on the seat. Circa 1949.

Above Right: With my sister, Paraskevi (left) in a pre-War photo.


Above Left: With my husband, Ioannis, and our son, Fotios.

Above Right: The Kontellis Family. From left, we are: our daughter-in-law, Athina; our son, Fotios;

my husband, Ioannis; and I am holding our grandson, Yiannis.