Migrants- Lisvori


Family Name: Grigoriou
Name: Maria
Year of Birth:  1950 
Father's Name: Fillipas (Lisvori)
Mother's Name:   Triantafilia Alvanou (Lisvori)
Siblings:  Georgia (Ignatidou), Ioannis 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1973
Sponsor:    Sotiris Anagnostellis (my fiance at the time)
Married: Sotiris Anagnostellis (Lisvori)
Children:  Georgios
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood:  Small Business- grocery

Above and Above Middle: My parents, Fillipas and Triantafilia.

Above Right: In traditional dress for Independence Day celebrations. From left, we are: myself, Zographia Karakonstandi, Maria Zoubandim, Efstratia Prokopiou, Xanoula Stamatelli, Katina Alvanou and Nikolaos Tiniakos. We are in the sixth grade. 

Above: A portrait.

Above Right: With my husband, Sotiris. 

Above: My brother, Ioannis. in Athens.

Above Middle:  With my parents, Fillipas and Triantafilia, during their visit to Sydney.

Above Right: With my husband, Sotirios, and our son, Giorgos