Migrants- Paleohori


Family Name: Pandeleli
Name: Maria
Life:  1918- 1992
Father' Name: Panagiotis (Paleohori)
Mother's Name:   Irini Halaka (Paleohori)
Siblings:  Emmanouil, Metaxia (Ahilaras), Penelope (Koutsouradi)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1949
Sponsor:    Ioannis Captanis (her fiance at the time)
Married: Ioannis Captanis (Paleohori)
Children:  Mersina, Panagiotis, Irini
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small Business- cafes/milk bar


Above: With her mother, Irini, and sisters, Metaxia (right) and Penelope (middle).

Above Right: Her father, Panagiotis.

Above: On her wedding day. In the top row are: her brother-in-law, Nikolaos Captanis and Nikolaos Markou (fifth and sixth from the left respectively). In the bottom row are: her koubari Maria- with Giorgos Markou- and Charlie Carides; her husband, Ioannis, and herself; her brother-in-law and sister, Ioannis and Metaxia Ahilaras; Zaharo Gialouri (nee: Ahilara) and Kyratso Markou.


Above: Maria and her husband, Ioannis Captanis.

Above Right: With her husband, Ioannis, and their children, Mersina and Panagiotis.


Above: Outside their family business in Kensington. With employee, Vittoria Malama (standing right), and her children, Mersina, Irini and Panagiotis.

Above Right: With friends in the kitchen of their family business in Kensington. From left, they are: Andreas and Sophia Zadellis (back), Ioannis Malamadellis; her children, Panagiotis and Irene; herself and her husband, Ioannis.