Migrants- Dafia


Life Story

Family Name: Agamalis
Name: Mihail
Year Of Birth:  1938
Father' Name: Andonios (Agra)
Mother's Name:   Ourania Kontelli (Asia Minor)
Siblings:  Ignatios, Eleni (Foniani)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1963
Sponsor:    Ignatios Agamalis (my brother)
Married: Konstantina Skoutarioti (Filia)
Children:  Andonios, Nikolaos, Georgios, Panagiotis, Stavros
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small Business; Milk Bar



Above: My parents and family. From left, they are: my sister, Eleni; my mother, Ourania; my father, Andonios; my paternal grandmother, Sappho; and my brother, Ignatios. I am away looking after the sheep. Circa 1955.

Above Right: My mother, Ourania, with her brothers, Stelios and Giorgos. Her sister, Myrsini, is in the background with Stelios' wife, Melpomeni.


Above: With my friend, Andonios Andriotis (left).

Above Right: At the panygiri of Agios Ignatios. I am first from the left, while Ignatios Fliakos is first from right.


Above: In the Kathissia area. As a shepherd with my maternal uncle, Haralambos Zoumbourlis.

Above Right: Hunting in the Parthenis area of the Dafia area. I am with Vasilis Parmakellis (right).


Above: Sydney, 1964. With my brother, Ignatios.

Above Right: My wedding to Kostantina Skoutariotis (1964).


Above: My sons: Giorgos, Stavros, Panagiotis, Nikos and Andonis.