Migrants- Paleohori


Life Story

Family Name: Achilaras (Achele)
Name: Ioannis
1909- 1997
Father's Name: Georgios (Paleohori)
Mother's Name:   Sultana Gialouri (Paleohori)
Siblings:  Apostolos, Efstathios, Nikolaos, Panagiotis, Irini (Michali), Papadoula (Psarou)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1937
Married: Metaxia Pandeleli (Paleohori)
Georgios, Panagiotis
Year of Return to Greece: 1965
City of Residence: Athens, Greece
 Livelihood: Small Business- Cafe, and Construction


Above: His parents, Giorgos and Sultana.

Above Right: With his wife, Metaxia.

Above: The Achilaras family- in their family business, the Orion Cafe in Gosford, New South Wales. From left, they are his wife, Metaxia (nee: Pandelelli), two employees; his son, Georgios, Ioannis himself, and his son, Panagiotis.