Migrants- Mesotopos


Family Name: Vaklatzi
Name: Angela
Year of Birth:   1933
Father's Name: Dimitrios (Mesotopos)
Mother's Name:   Maria Mihailidou (Mesotopos)

Xenoula (Iosifelli), Mersina (Tsibidaki), Georgios, Spyridonas, Despoula (Valelli)

Year of Arrival in Australia: 1962
Sponsor:    Eleni Vasila (my sister-in-law)
Married: Minas Iosifellis (Mesotopos)
Children:  Konstantinos
Livelihood: Factory Hand
Year of Return to Greece: 1969
City of Residence: Mesotopos, Lesvos



Above: Friends and relatives. In the top row are: Eugenia Iosifellis, Toula Vasilas, Eleni, Eleni vasilas. In the bottom row are: Angela Iosifellis, Mersina, Eugenia Gnisios and Kiki Doudouni.

Above Right: Migrating to Australia (1962); on board the Patris. I am first from the left, while my husband, Minas, is first from the left.


Above: At Enmore Park, Sydney, with my husband, Mina, our son, Kosta, and my sister, Mersina.

Above Right: With my son, Kostas.


Above: As a machinist, with my fellow workers. I am second from the right.

Above Right: Out with friends. I am first from left, while my husband, Mina, is first from the right. My son, Kosta, is with me.


Above: With all my siblings.

Above Right: A recent photograph of me.