Migrants- Loutra


Family Name: Tripati
Name: Christine 
Year Of Birth:  1949
Father' Name: Konstantinos
Mother's Name:   Panagiota Komninou 
Siblings:  Simos, Artemis (Zervou), Niki (Roumelioti)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1961
Sponsor:    Andreas and Eleni Tsonga
Married: Georgios Zaradoukas (Loutra)
Children:  Konstantinos, Irini, Efstratios
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small Business- milk bar



Above: My parents, Kostantinos and Panagiota, with my sisters, Artemis and Niki.

Above Right: With my sisters. I am second from the left, followed by Niki and Artemis.


Above: Apokries. My sister, Artemis, is first from the left, I am fourth from the left and my sister, Niki, is sitting on the grass. This photograph was taken in Sparta, where we stayed for three years (1958-61).

Above Right: Migrating to Australia on the Patris (1961). I am fourth from the right.

Above: With my husband, Giorgos, in our family business in Marrickviile, Sydney. We had this shop for twenty-four years.