Migrants- Paleohori

Joseph was born in Alexandria, Egypt 


Surname: Mouhtouris 
Name: Joseph
Year of Birth:  1935
Father's Name: Christos (b. Alexandria)
Mother's Name:   Chryssi Borbantonaki ( Kriti) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1956
Sponsor:    Mihail Tsoukaris 
Married: Mary Halaka (Australian-born, with her father born in Paleohori, Lesvos) 
Children:  Christos, Alethea
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Bank Manager


Above: My mother, Chryssi.

Above Middle: With my father, Christos, at the end-of-year school activities. 

Above Right: My sixth grade class at the Alexandrino Lykeio (i.e. Primary School). I am second from the right in the second row.


Above: Holding the guitar, I am singing a song for Cyprus during Independence Day Celelbrations.

Above Right: Playing for A.E.E.A's Third Grade. I am standing in the middle. Takis Epitropakis, who is standing first from the left, migrated to Australia too, while first from the right in the front row is Georgios Konstandis. A.E.E.A stands for Athlitiki Enosis Ellinon Alexandrias'.

 Above: With friends, Peter Mattatia (middle) and Takis Cameris (right). The photograph was taken a few days before I migrated to Australia.