Migrants- Paleohori

 Life Story: Panagiotis Chrisafis

Surname: Chrisafis
Name: Panagiotis
Life:  1910- 1983
Father's Name: Grigorios (Paleohori) 
Mother's Name:   Diamando Sotirhou (Paleohori)
Siblings: Maria, Aspasia, Christos 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1937
Sponsor:    Panagiotis Sotirhos (his maternal uncle) 
Married: Mersina Mavragani (Paleohori) 
Children:  Grigorios, Diamando, Evangelia, Christos, Nikolaos
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business: Fruit Shop, Milk Bar


Above: His parents, Diamando and Grigorios- with his siblings, Maria and Christos.

Above Middle: Panagiotis (left) with friends. Seated is Apostolos Mavrothalasitis.

Above Right: His brother, Christos, as a soldier. He was unfortunately killed (1945) in a naval tragedy, when the ship he was travelling on hit a mine just off Piraeus.


Above: During World War II, Panagiotis served in the Australian Army as a cook.

Above Middle: Peak Hill (New South Wales), 1946. Panagiotis (left) with his partner, "Jack" Karabetsos, and vasilios and Irini Michalis.

Above Right: With his wife, Mersina.

Above: Family and friends at the Vrahos Nightclub. From left, they are: Grigoris Moraitis- with his parents, Zaharo and Giorgos; and the Crisafis family- Panagiotis and his wife, Mersina- and their children, Grigoris, Nikos, Diamando, Christos and Evangelia. Standing is the famous maestro from Paleohori, Poseidonas.

Above: Outside the family business in Manly (Sydney) with his children.