Migrants- Paleohori


Surname: Michalis 
Name: Panagiotis 
Life:  1911- 1987
Father's Name: Vasilios (Paleohori) 
Mother's Name:   Permathia (Paleohori)
Siblings: Hionia (Agriti), Maria
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1974
Sponsor:    Vasilios Michalis (Paleohori)
Married: Metaxia Mavragani (Paleohori) 
Children:  Vasilios, Maria, Dimitrios, Persephone, Christos, Evangelia
City of Residence: Paleohori, Lesvos
Year of Return to Greece:  1980


Above: With his wife, Metaxia, and their children, Maria, Christos, Persephone, Dimitrios and Evangelia.

Above Right: His children, Christos, Persephone and Evangelia (seated), and his nephew, Takis Mavraganis.


Above: Condobolin (western New South wales) in the late 1970's; at his daughter and son-in-law's family business- the local general store.

Above Middle: With his son, Christos.

Above Right: With his wife, Metaxia.

Above: Panagiotis (left) with his daughter, Maria and her husband, Manolis, his two sons, Vasilios and Christos, and his wife, Metaxia. Vasilios is holding his daughter, Venetia (Vanessa).