Surname: Kariatlis
Name: Panagiotis
Year of Birth:  1934
Father's Name: Phillipas (Smyrne, Asia Minor)
Mother's Name:   Anna Fotinou (Trigona) 
Siblings: Georgios, Grigorios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1950
Sponsor: Panagiotis Karpouzis (Gera)

Irini Haritou (Australian-born of Spartan/Smyrnian heritage) 

Children:  Phillipas, Anastasia
City of Residence: Sydney 
Livelihood: Small Business- factory (plastics), milk bar


Above: My parents, Anna and Phillipas.
Above Right: Family and friends. L-R: Maria; my paternal uncle, Mihail, Andonios Fotinos and Apostolos Tatas; my father, Phillipas; and myself (as a child). Circa 1937.
Above: Outside my high school.
Above Right: With my friends at Neapoli, Mytllene. L-R: Ioannis, Aristos, Georgios and myself. Squatting is my brother, Grigorios. 
Above: This photograph was taken when I was preparing to migrate to Australia. I am with my parents, Phillipas and Anna, and my younger brother, Grigorios.
Above Right: Working with Panagiotis Karpouzis, who sponsored me to Australia, in his milk bar in Guilford.
Above: My brother, Georgios, and I in the Guilford Milk Bar, which I had bought from Panagiotis Karpouzis. I owned the business from 1958 until 1974.
Above Right: With my wife, Irini.