Migrants- Agiassos


Surname: Tsoukarellis
Name: Ioannis 
Life:  1937- 1990
Father's Name: Panagiotis (Agiassos)
Mother's Name:   Maria Lignou (Agiassos)
Siblings: Chrysanthi (Hatzisavva), Irini (Karatza), Dimitrios 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1954
Sponsor:  Ioannis Zouboulis (Agiassos)
Married: Vasiliki Tamvakelli (Agiassos)
Children:  Maria, Panagiotis, Efstratios
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Taxi Driver


Above: Maria Tsoukarelli- with her sister, Irini- and her children, Dimitrios, Ioannis himself, Irini and Chrysanthi
Above Right: With school friends. Ioannis is in the front row- second from the right- while his brother, Dimitrios, is in the same row, first from the left.
Above: His sister, Chrysanthi.
Above Right: A portrait.
Above: When Ioannis arrived in Sydney, he stayed in Bankstown, Sydney. At the time, he worked in a delicatessen owned by Panagiotis Karpouzis. Ioannis is photographed at the counter of the delicatessen (left) and in Bankstown (right).
Above: Ioannis (middle) with Panagiotis Karpouzis (left) and his brother, Dimitrios (left, background)
Above Right: With Peter Zoumboulis (right).