A Weekend of Philanthropy

Another Busy Weekend for Sydney's Antissians

by John Loukadellis

Sunday, March 14, 2010

 The Antissian Association of NSW held a volunteer day on Saturday 13th March and had 25 volunteers turn up from both Macquarie and the Antissian Association youth. The hard yakka started at 8.45am and involved cleaning gutters, mowing lawns, cleaning the kids play area, cleaning windows all over the house, washing skirting boards, cleaning balcony and family areas and many other jobs that we happily completed. At midday, the Antissian Association put a BBQ for the families and we all had a great day.


Above: Two photographs highlighting the hard work and fun of the day.


On Sunday 14th March, the Antissian Association held a taverna night which, even though was down in numbers from previous events, we still managed to raise close to $5,000.00 which the Macquarie Group Foundation will be matching, making the overall contribution $10,000.00.


The Antissian Association also granted 4 gifts for the house by buying:


  1. 50 plates, cups, side plates and soup bowls for the residents of the house. This means families no longer have to wait for others to finish eating so they can eat.
  2. We donated 20 bath towels so that there will always be clean manchester for families to use.
  3. We gave them a number of Wii games so that the kids can take their focus away from their illness and treatment to spend more time being kids 
  4. Provided them with an excessive amount of tinned baby food so that when families arrive at 3am for urgent surgery they will always find baby food available for their children to eat. This is one of the most important things that families unfortunately forget to bring with them, but now no longer a problem.
  5. Thanks to Macquarie ’s sponsorship of the event we will also be organising 50 care bears to give to children going into surgery so they can have a companion during their trying times.


Above: Two photographs from the Fundraiser.  

Overall a successful weekend and if anyone would like to make a direct donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Randwick , please visit the website, www.rmhc.org.au/randwick-nsw.


All photographs courtesy of Maria Iatrou

For more photographs: Photo Gallery