Migrants- Sykamnia (and Skala)


Family Name: Eleftheriou  
Name: Nikolaos  
Year of Birth:   1938
Father's Name: Alexandros (Cairo, Egypt)  
Mother's Name:   Mersini (Moschonisia, Asia Minor)
Siblings:  Stephanos, Stylianos, Georgios 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1960
Sponsor: Georgios Eleftheriou (my brother)
Married:   Sophia Bajeli (Keramia) 
Children:  Alexandros, Simeon
City of Residence:   Melbourne, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- shops


Above: A portrait of my father, Alexandros. 

Above Right: My mother, Mersini, with my brother, Stylianos, and his family. 


Above: With my friends, Dimitrios Sovatzis and Angelos Afrodakis- I am on the right. 

Above Right: Hosting a Professor from London University in Agiassos (1959). L-R: Panagiotis Afrodakis, a taxi driver, myself, Professor of Indian Philosophy, Edward Myerscough, Angelos Afrodakis and Dimitrios Sovatzis. 


Above: At a Statue of Sappho near Mytilene's Castle. 

Above Right: A photograph taken during my National Service. 


Above: With my fiance, Sophia Bajeli, at our engagement party. 

Above Right: At our son Alexandros' birthday party.