Photo Exhibition "The Journey"- A Success

Lesvos Gets A Glimpse of Vasilis Vasilas Work

August 11, 2010

Following its success at the Mytilenian Brotherhood of N.S.W’s “Lesviaki Evdomada” last year, Vasilis Vasilas’ photo-exhibition on Lesvian migration, “The Journey”, was launched yesterday- with critical acclaim- at the Dimotiko Theatro in Mytilene, Greece.

Mytilene’s Mayor, Nasos Giakalis, who incidentally had visited Australia with the Municipal Council’s Band’s Tour in 2008, launched the exhibition, praising the Sydney school teacher for his commitment and passion in preserving the Lesvian identity and heritage in the diaspora.

“The migration of millions highlights the enormous difficulties and adversities the average Greek experienced in the post-War period which ultimately lead to the decision to risk everything and moving abroad for a better future,” stated Mytilene’s Mayor, Mr Giakalis.


Above: Exchange of Gifts with Mytilene's Mayor, Nasos Giakalis (left) and Mytilene's maestro, Nikos Tsirigotis (right). 

Master of Ceremonies for the launch was Mytilene’s Maestro, Nikos Tsirigotis, who highlighted the exhibition is only a small fraction of Vasilis Vasilas’ work on Lesvian migration.

“With the continual expansion of his website on Lesvian migration and the publication of his first book, we hope Vasilis continues this invaluable work and look forward to more exhibitions and publications,” stated Nikos Tsirigotis.

Vasilis Vasilas thanked everyone for their support for his work, emphasising that the accumulation of information and photographs on Lesvian migrants has continued on Lesvos itself (during his visit) and will continue when he returns to Australia.


Above Left: Vasilis Vasilas sees the lighter side of the evening's very hot conditions. 

Above Right: The crowd were in very high spirits throughout the evening. 

“Presenting my work in Mytilene is a dream come true and it is another stage in the long journey ahead of me. There is still a tremendous amount of work ahead,” emphasised Vasilis Vasilas.

One highlight of the evening was the strong presence of Sydney’s Agiassiotes , highlighting their continual  support for Vasilis’ work.