Migrants- Dafia


Surname: Vamvouklis 
Name: Ignatios
Year of Birth:  1952
Father's Name: Panagiotis 
Mother's Name:   Kalliope (Poppy) Orphanidou 
Siblings: Spyridonas, Simeon
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1967
Sponsor: Panagiotis Vamvouklis (my father)
Married: Vasiliki Americanos (Dafia)
Children:  Penelope, Mersina, Panagiotis
City of Residence: Sydney 
Livelihood: Small Business- hospitality


 Above: My family: my father, Panagiotis; my brother, Spyros; myself; my brother, Simeon; and my mother, Kalliope.

Above Right: Independence Day Celebrations (1963). L-R: Alexandros and Vasiliki Americanos, and myself.
Above: With my siblings, Simeon and Spyro.
Above Right: On the bike with my friend, Elias.
Above: End-of-year school activities. I am first from the left.
Above Right: With friends outside the Athina Club, Sydney. L-R: myself, Tasos and Ignatios. Circa 1974.