Villages- Paleokipos

Life Story: Sophia Hatziralli  

Surname: Hatziralli 
Name: Sophia
Life:  1916-2003
Father's Name: Demosthenes (Paleokipos)
Mother's Name:   Androniki (Paleokipos) 
Siblings: Vasilios, Panagiotis, Athina, Eleni, Maria, Erifili 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1951
Sponsor: Ermolaos Sentas (her husband) 
Married: Ermolaos Sentas (Paleokipos) 
Children:  Myrto, Mary, Efstratios 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business- milk bars, and farmer


Above: Famil and frinds. Standing are: Efstratios Marinos, Mersina and Apostolos Vasiliou; Nikos and Anna Rougos; Sophia herself, Paraskevoula and Mary Rougos; and Georgios Mistigniotis. Sitting are: Eleni Mistignioti, her husband, Ermolaos Sentas,; her daughters, Mili and Mary Sentas; Mary and Giorgos Rougos; her son, Efstratios; Kostas and Nikos Rougos; Niki and Mersina Mistignioti; and Bob Mills. 

Above Right: With her daughter, Myrto (Milli) in Castle Hill. \


Above: With family and friends. Sophia is first from the left, while Joyce and and Nikos Sentas, are fourth and andd fifth from the left respectively. Her husband, Ermolaos, is squatting at the front.

Above Right: ASthens. With her husband, Ermolaos, at the Parthenon.