Migrants- Mandamados


Family Name: Vaxevani 
Name: Anna   
Year of Birth:  
Father's Name: Ioannis (Mandamados)
Mother's Name:   Maria Apostola (Mandamados)  
Siblings:  Efstratia (Finfini), Fotini (Americanou), Taxiarhoula (Vavoudi)     
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1965
Sponsor:    Efstratia Vaxevani (my sister) 
Married:  Ioannis Pirpiris (Agia Paraskevi) 
Children:  Froso, Pette, Antonios, Mihalis  
City of Residence: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Livelihood: Small Business- Dino's Coffee Lounge 




Above: A portrait taken on my last day before I left for Australia.

Above Right: Family at St Klida’s Luna Park, Melbourne. L-R: my parents, Ioannis and Maria, myself, my sisters, Taxiarhoula, Fotini and Efstratia, and Panagiotis (Finfinis). Efstratia and Panagiotis were engaged at the time. 


Above: At my engagement party. L-R: my fiancé, Ioannis Pirpiris, my father, Ioannis, and myself.    

Above Right : At my engagement party. L-R: my mother, Maria Vaxevanis (nee: Apostola), myself and my future mother-in-law, Marianthi Pirpiri.   


Above: L-R:  my sister, Fotini Americanou (nee: Vaxevani), my mother, Maria Vaxevani, my brother-in-law, Panagiotis Fifinis, my sister, Taxiarhoula Vavoudis (nee: Vaxevani), my sister, Stratoula Finfini (nee: Vaxevani), myself), my father, Ioannis Vaxevanis. The two young girls in the front are: my niece, Stella Finfini and my daughter, Froso Pirpiri.                  

Above Right: A family portrait. With my husband, Ioannis, and our children, Antonios, Pette, Froso and Mihail.

Above: At our family business, Dino’s Coffee Lounge. L-R: my husband, Ioannis, myself and Ioannis Tsangaris.