Migrants- Antissa


Family Name: Marangos
Name: Konstantinos   
Year of Birth:   1936
Father's Name: Thomas (Antissa)  
Mother's Name:   Evdoxia Gigi (Antissa) 
Siblings:  Prokopios, Elli (Loukadelli)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1962
Sponsor:    Andonios Iordanis (Antissa)
Married:  Ermioni Kapi (Thimiona, Chios)
Children:  Evdoxia, Thomas
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood: Small Business- shops



Above: My parents, Thomas and Evdoxia. 

Above Right: My mother, Evdoxia, at a younger age. 


Above: Riding our donkey in  Lapsana. c1957.

Above Middle: My portrait in the army.

Above Right: Celebrating the Day after Easter Sunday with friends. That year we celebrated througout the night and into Tuesday. This photograph was taken on Tuesday. I am forst from the left. c1958.


Above: At my niece Evdoxia's baptism. L-R: myself, Georgios Loukadellis, my sister, Elli- with Evdoxia, and Father Panagiotis Fanaras.

Above Right: My brother, Prokopios (right) with fishermen, Christos and Anestis Mantzouranis.


Above: With friends. This photograph was taken a couple of days before I left for Australia. Standing are: Andonios Karavasilis, unknown and Theologos Kyriazis. Seated are: Pandelis Kalatzoudas, myself, Dimitrios Douroudis, Andonios Katehos, Nikolaos Iatrellis, Mihail Peristeris and Trifonas Karavasilis.

Above Right: With my wife, Ermioni, and father Ioannis Evangelinides, during our wedding service in Holy Trinity Orthodox Church. c1965.


Above: With my brother, Prokopios (right), outside my family business- a corner shop in Bondi Junction, Sydney.

Above Right: With my family- my wife, Ermioni and children, Evdoxia and Thomas- in Tinos. c1976.