Migrants- Paleokipos


Surname: Mistignotou 
Name: Marina
Year of Birth:  1944
Father's Name: Marinos (Mistigna)
Mother's Name:   Eleni Rougou (Paleokipos)
Siblings: Georgios, Ermolaos, Niki, Marina
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1947
Sponsor:    Konstantinos and Ermolaos Rougos (my uncles)
Married: Andreas Papazoglou (Lafiona)
Children:  Elizabeth (Lisa), Panagiota, Pelagia, Eleni
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business- Cafe, Newsagency 


Above: My paternal grandparents, Mersina and Georgios Mistigniotis- with baby Marina.

Above Right: My father, Marinos.


Above: With my siblings, Georgios, Ermolaos and Niki. I am seated on the right.

Above Middle: As a young girl.

Above Right: On my wedding day- with my husband, Andreas, and my brothers, Ermolaos and Georgios.


Above: With my husband, Andreas.

Above Right: With my daughters and one of my grandchildren. L-R: Elizabeth (Lisa), me- holding Joy-Marie, Eleni, Pelagia and Panagiota.


Above: With my husband, Andreas, and our grandchildren.

Above Right: With my siblings and our partners. L-R: Perry Makris and my sister, Niki; Nitsa and my brother, Georgios, me, my brother, Ermolaos and his wife, Effie; and my husband, Andreas.