Migrants- Agia Paraskevi


Surname: Kafes
Name: Ioannis 
Year of Birth:  1928
Father's Name: Stylianos (Aivali, Asia Minor)
Mother's Name:   Despina Marouli (Asia Minor)
Siblings: Konstantinos, Kyriakos, Katina (Paparelli) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1956
Sponsor: Efstratios Karakonstantis (my uncle) 
Married: Marianthi Karakonstanti (Agia Paraskevi)
Children:  Zefi, Stylianos 
City of Residence: Macksville, New South Wales, Australia
Livelihood: Small Business- The Bridge Cafe


Above: My parents, Stylianos and Despina.

Above Right: Family and friends. In the top row are: my brother, Kyriakos, Haralambos Marinou and Haralambos Kajos. In the middle row are: Panagiotis Sarakonstinos, Mihalis Paparellis, Kostas, Haralambos Fanaras and Georgios Sevdalis. In the front row are: myself, Andonios Maladas, Despina Kafes and her daughter, Stavroula.


Above: Making macaronia in the neighbourhood. In the foreground (left) is my mother, Despina. In the background are: Anna Sarakostinou, Kathy Pirpirini and Meropi Sarakostinou.

Above Right: At Parelli's wedding. I am standing while seated from left are: Heorgios Moutafis (a cobbler), Theo Karabetsos (owner of general store), Dimitrios Sevdalis, Nikolaos Doukas and Father Efstratios. The photograph was taken while my family and I were visiting Greece (1966),


Above: Thermi, Lesvos. With Harry Giannakis and his father, Dimitrios. I am on the right. Dimitrios' wife, Katina, is in the background (left). Circa 1966.

Above Right: Gathering vroula. L-R: myself, Alkis Tsakiris, Andonios Prodromos and Dimitrios Tsakiris. The photograph was taken while we were visiting Greece (2000),