Billy Cotsis and Book Launch

Billy Cotsis Launches his First Book 

On Wednesday, April 6, freelance writer and short-film director, Billy Cotsis, will be launching his first book, The Many Faces of Hellenic Culture, at Marrickville Library, on the corner of Marrickville and Petersham Roads.

This book launch is one of the many interesting functions/ events within the Greek Festival of Sydney this year.

According to the Greek Festival of Sydney’s website,

‘Billy has travelled to over 48 countries in 17 years to collect stories on Hellenism outside Greece. They combine elements of history with a slant on the Byzantine heritage and the lives of the people he interviews. The book covers Hellenic communities in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the United States. The stories show Hellenic culture surviving despite a dwindling Diaspora and, usually, without government assistance; the language endures despite the rarity of native speakers in these regions.’

Cost of entry to the book launch is free.

Syndesmos wishes to congratulate Billy for this great achievement and, as he working on many other projects, we wish him all the very best in completing them.

It should be noted Billy’s parents, Evangelos and Maria, are from Filia, Lesvos.