Migrants- Agia Paraskevi


Surname: Klidaras 
Name: Christos 
Year of Birth:  1931 
Father's Name: Georgios (Agia Paraskevi)
Mother's Name:   Marianthi Mihailarou (Agia Paraskevi) 
Siblings: Apostolos, Klio (Giamadakis), Anthi (Armadas), Efstratia (Aletra)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1950
Sponsor: Panagiotis Dalaveras (Agia Paraskevi)
Married: Hariklia Sevastou (Australian-born of Napi heritage) 
Children:  Eleni, Georgios
City of Residence: Melbourne
Livelihood: Small Business- Cafes, Hotel 


Above:  My parents, Georgios and Marianthi.

Above Right: Family and friends. From left, we are: my mother, Marianthi Mihailidou, unknown, Eleni Fanara, unknown and Froso Komninaka. From left, in the front row, we are: my sister, Klio; myself; my niece, Marianna, Thalia Armada; and my sister, Anthi Armadas.

Above: With my brother, Apostolos, in Athens- at the time I was leaving for Australia.
Above Right: Wingham (New South Wales). Reunited with my brother-in-law, Efstratios Armadas, who was working there at the time. I made the trip from Melbourne to Wingham during one weekend I had leave.
Above Right: My wedding. Standing from left, we are: Efstratios Armadas; Klio Klidara; myself and Hariklia (nee: Sevastos); Panagiotis and Marianthi Dalaveras; and, Dimitrios and Carmel Sevastos. In the front row are my father and mother-in-law, Theologos and Efthalia Sevastos, and Eva Dalavera.
Above: Out with friends. Standing from left are: unknown, Georgios Kokkinis, Dimitrios Sevastos, Ioannis Kyriazis, Christos Trikos and Dimitrios Kypouros. Seated from left are: Carmel Sevastos, Frida Kokkinis, Adela Mihailaros, my wife, Hariklia, and I.
Above: My brother, Apostolos, with my children, Georgios and Eleni, outside our shop, in Kerang, Victoria, where my family owned the Kerang Cafe.
Above Right: Family in Australia. Standing are Panagiotis and Klio Giamadakis (my sister), and me. Seated are Efstratios and Anthi (my sister) Armadas, and my wife, Hariklia.
Above: As President of the Agia Paraskevi Association of Melbourne, I am with my Committee at the time. From left, we are: Panagiotis Giamadakis, Christos Trikos, Efstratios Tsombakos, myself, Apostolos Giannakellis, Vasilios Karakonstantis and Georgios Klidaras. In the back is Georgios Eleftheriou.