Migrants- Akrasi


Family Name: Pantazes (Manetas)
Name: Christopher
Year of Birth: 1940   
Father's Name: Ioannis
Mother's Name:   Sultana (Susannah) Thalaselli
Adopted Parents: Konstantinos and Garoufali Pandazes
Siblings: Vasilios, Dimitrios, Simeon, Irini (Metaxioti), Eleni (Horiatelli), Evdokia (Armeniatou), Maria (Tsatsa)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1966
Sponsor:    Marinos Hatzianastasiou (my brother-in-law)
Married: Sophia Hatzianastasiou (Loutra)
Children:  Maria, Konstantinos, Apostolos 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Tailor 


Above: My adopted parents, Garoufali and Kostantinos Pandazes. I was adopted as a one-year-old, and I grew up in Mytilene.

Above Right: My natural mother, Susannah, with my sister, Maria and her daughter, Letta. 


Above: With my friend, Elias Christos (right)- who later became my koubaro. I am on the left.

Above Middle: With my brother, Simeon (Manettas).

Above Right: A portrait taken during my National Service.


Above: With my wife, Sophia.

Above Right: Migrating to Australia, with my wife, Sophia. We are traveling on the Patris, and the photograph was taken during a party for the passengers.