Migrants- Mesotopos


Family Name: Psara
Name: Niki
Year of Birth:   1948
Father's Name: Andonios (Mesotopos)
Mother's Name:   Elpniki Kaxeri (Mesotopos)
Siblings:  Christina, Ioanna, Nikolaos
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1966
Sponsor: Vasilios Vasilas (future father-in-law)
Married: Mihail Vasilas (Mesotopos) 
Children: Vasilios, Eleni, Andonios 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
 Livelihood: Machinist- clothing


Above: The Psaras family. From left, we are: my sister, Ioanna; my father, Antonios; my brother, Nikolaos; my sister, Christina; my mother, Elpiniki and me. The photograph was taken outside my uncle Gavriil (Psaras)’s house. Circa 1957.

Above Right: My maternal grandfather, Kaxeris, in Smyrne. Circa 1910. He is standing right.
Above: My mother, Elpiniki, with her four children. L-R: me, Nikos, Christina and Anna.