Migrants- Ipios


Family Name: Simos    
Name:  Leonidas 
Year of Birth:  1938
Father' Name: Ioannis (Ipios)
Mother's Name:    Efstratia Hatzigiannaki (Ipios)
Siblings:    Andonios, Emmanouil  

Year of Arrival in Australia:

Sponsor:      Andonios Simos (my brother)
Married:       Mary Linardi (Agia Paraskevi)
Children: Aspasia, Efstratia
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia
 Livelihood:   Small Business- Fruit Shop 


Above: A portrait.

Above Right: With Harry Magiafoglou in Kerang, where I owned a fruit shop for many years.


Above: With my daughter, Aspasia.

Above Right: In my garden at Keramia, Lesvos.