Migrants- Vatousa



Family Name: Kalontzi 
Name: Eleni 
Life:  1911- 2003 
Father's Name: Mihail (Vatousa)
Mother's Name:   Susanna (Vatousa) 
Siblings:  Achilleas, Anthipi 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Sponsor:    Dimitra Kougiou (her daughter) 
Married: Pavlos Kougious (Vatousa) 
Children:  Dimitra, Ariadne, Emmanouil, Mersina 
City of Residence: Sydney


Above: With her husband, Pavlos. 

Above Right: With family. L-R: Her daughters, Ariadne and Mersina; her sister, Anthipi- with her daughter, Suzie; her daughter, Dimitra and herself.


Above: At her grand-daughter Eleni's baptism; on the right is her daughter, Dimitra. 

Above Right: With family. Eleni is seated in the middle and on the left is her sister, Anthipi. Standing behind her are her children, Mersina, Dimitra and Emmanouil, and she is surrounded by her grandchildren.