Annual General Meeting: Melbourne Elected as Chair

Melbourne Elected to Hold Presidency for Next Two Years

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New South Wales' Presidency of the Pan-Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand finally came to end at the Federation's Annual General Meeting, as its outgoing President, Giorgos Kefalas, thanked each States' support over the last two years, before congratulating incoming President, Giorgos Stavrinos at his election. 

Amid the ongoing controversial rift between members of the Federation's Executive and Mytilenian Brotherhood of Sydney, the A.G.M. was not held at the Mytilenian House- as announced in the local Greek newspapers earlier in the week- but at the Alexander the Great Club in Marrickville.

The A.G.M was attended by representatives from the Palesviaki Federation of Melbourne and Victoria and the Mytilenian Brotherhoods of Sydney and Perth respectively. Best wishes were sent from Mytilenian groups from Canberra (A.C.T) and New Zealand.

Above: Representatives of Sydney, Melbourne and Perths' Mytilenian Bodies at yesterday's A.G.M. 

Outgoing President, Giorgos Kefalas, highlighted the last two years were very  difficult as the Federation's progress and achievements were hampered and obstructed by by the strained relationship with Sydney's Brotherhood. Under the tense circumstances, he tried his best to strive towards achieving the Federation's objectives.

To avoid any similar future problems, it was noted that it was advisable the President of the Federation should also be the President of the Mytilenian Association.

Melbourne was unanimously voted to hold the Presidency for the next two years, and its President, Giorgos Stavrinos, accepted its election, highlighting "the Federation can achieved many things with unity and support from each respective State, and we look forward to developing stronger ties among Mytilenian groups, supporting Greece's national issues and spreading the good name of Mytilenian culture across Australia and New Zealand."

Above: Giorgos Kefalas (right) congratulates Giorgos Stavrinos.

Tributes were said to Kefalas for his efforts over the two years, and Stavrinos was congratulated for his election. 

"I would like to thank Giorgos Kefalas for the resurrection of the idea of a Mytilenian Federation- who despite all the problems he faced, he persevered and continue his vision. I am very happy today to be among Mytilenians who all want a stronger Mytilenain voice in Australia and New Zealand. I wish incoming President, Giorgos Stavrinos all the very best in his endeavours; with him as President I believe the Federation will find its peace and will be able to realise its potential, " said, Perth's president, Evangelos Gavalas.

Editor's Note: We would like to congratulate Giorgos Stavrinos for Melbourne's election to hold the Federation's Presidency and wish them all the very best in realising their objectives.