Migrants- Antissa


Surname: Iordanou 
Name: Dimitra 
Life:  1922- 1998
Father's Name: Iordanis 
Mother's Name:   Filio Apostolas 
Siblings: Elias, Olga (Sidiroglou), Evangelos, Niki (Frangellli)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1959
Sponsor:    Theodoros Varoufis (Antissa) 
Married: Theodoros Varoufis (Antissa) 
Children:  Stylianos, Iordanis 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Labourer- Tannery 


Above: Her father, Iordanis Iordanou, at an old age.

Above Right: Her father, Iordanis, with family and friends. Standing from left, they are: Dimitra's sister, Olga; her cousin (by marriage) Rodoula; herself; her son, Stelios; and her cousin, Aspasoula. Her father is sitting in the middle, holding Aspasoula's daughter. From left, the children are: Olga's son, Triton; and his brother, Iordanis; and Dimitra's son, Iordanis. Circa 1959.


Above: With her two sons, Iordanis and Stelios.

Above Right: Standing are: her sister, Niki, and her husband, Georgios Frangellis (Leosthenes); and sister-in-law, Kyriakoula. Sitting are: her son, Stelios; herself; her son, Iordanis; and her nephew, Iordanis Elias Iordanou. The photograph was taken at Niki and Georgios' ohtomera (8th Day) celebration of their wedding. 

Above: The Varoufis family at their home in Redfern, Sydney.