Migrants- Plomari


Family Name: Koulbani
Name: Paraskevi 
Year of Birth:   1938
Father's Name: Dimitrios (Plomari) 
Mother's Name:   Amerisouda Kokkini (Plomari)
Siblings:  Konstantinos, Evangelos, Georgios 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1956
Sponsor:    Evangelos Koulbanis (my brother) 
Married:  Dimitrios Malliaros (Plomari) 
Children:  Emmanouil, Panagiotis 
Livelihood:  Small Business- shops (Australia) 
Year of Return to Greece:  1982
City of Residence: Agios Isidoros, Lesvos, Greece


Above: With my mother, Amerisouda and my brother, Georgios. 

Above Right: My paternal grandmother, Paraskevi Koulbani. 


Above: Dressed for the Apokries Carnavale. L-R: Ioanna,  Zaharo and Katina Mina, myself, and Irini Mina.

Above Right: Another photograph from the Carnavale- with Irini Mina (right). 


Above: Athens, 1956. With Marika (left). 

Above Right: Sydney. L-R: Panagiotis Tragakis, Koula Scarli, myself, Panagiotis Papapandos and Kathy Tragaki. 


Above: At my son Emmanouil's baptism. In the front row are: my mother, Amerisouda, myself- holding Emmanouil, my husband, Dimitrios, and a family friend. 

Above Right: With my sons, Emmanouil and Panagiotis. 

Above: With my mother, Amerisouda, my brother and his wife, Georgios and Rinoula, and my son, Emmanouil.