Migrants- Mytilene


Family Name: Emmanouil  
Name: Georgios   
Year of Birth:  1943
Father's Name: Andonios (Mytilene) 
Mother's Name:   Myrsini Thermiotou (Mytilene) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1965
Sponsor:    Despina Chrystoforou (my aunt) 
Married: Efstratia Gelagotou (Psilometopo)
Children:  Andonios 
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia 
Livelihood: Small Business- Cafes/Restaurants



Above: A portrait of my mother, Myrsini, as a young woman. 

Above Right: My father, Andonios, outside his butcher shop in Mytilene. 


Above: As a young boy. 

Above Right: Out with friends at a taverna in Tsamakia, Mytilene. I am standing first from the left. 


Above: As a high school student in the procession of Agios Theodoros feast day. 

Above Right: A portrait taken while I was in the Coastal Guard. 


Above: One of the Captains on the R.H.M.S Patris give a prize for coming first in a Geography trivia competition. 

Above Right: As the Liberal party's candidate in the State Seat of Clayton. In this photograph, I am with the Premier of Victoria at the time, Jeff Kennett, and my son, Andonios.