Villages- Vryssa

Family Name: Marinellis
Name: Dimitrios (Born in Iraklio, Kriti)
Year Of Birth:  1928
Father' Name: Ioannis (Vryssa)
Mother's Name:   Evangelia Stratakis (Iraklio, Kriti)
Siblings:  Marika (Matarakis)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1968
Sponsor:    D.E.M.E Gov't Sponsored Program 

Maria Karatheodori (Piraeus)/ Alexandra Gourna (Messinias)

Children:  Ioannis, Nikolaos
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Fitter and Turner- Telstra 


Above: A wedding portrait of my parents, Ioannis (1896- 41) and Evangelia. Ioannis was a decorated captain in the Royal Greek Army, who fought in the Balkan Wars (as a volunteer), the Greek-Turkish War (1919-22), and was killed in the Battle of Crete (May, 1941).  

Above Middle: With my father, Dimitrios, outside our family home in Iraklio, Kriti.

Above: With my fiance at the time, Maria. (Circa 1950). 


Above: With my son, Ioannis, in Athens (Circa 1959). Ioannis is at his Year 2 end-of-school year festivities.
Above Middle: With my son, Ioannis, and his wife, Katerina at a Cretan social event.
Above Right: My grandchildren from my son Ioannis' side of the family. From left, we are: Niki, Dimitrios, Evangelia, Eleni- Maria and Christina.
Above: My grand-daughter, Evangelia, with her husband, Jason, and their two children, Tara Rose and Brianna.
Above Middle: My grand-daughter, Eleni-Maria, with her children, Dimitrios, Ioannis and Panagiota.
Above Right: My grand-daughter, Christina, with her son, Andrew.
Above: My son, Nikos, with his wife, Artemis.  
Above Right: My grand-daughters, Evangelia and Alexandra.