Migrants- Stypsi


Family Name: Kalloniatou  
Name:  Elpiniki  
Year of Birth:  1952
Father' Name: Aristides (Stypsi) 
Mother's Name:    Kleoniki Polyzou (Stypsi) 
Siblings:    Mihail

Year of Arrival in Australia:

Sponsor:      Efstratios Polyzos (my uncle)
Married:       Dimitrios Papakirikou (Mandamados)
Children: Maria, Efstratios, Aristides 
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia
 Livelihood:   Dressmaker


Above: Athens, mid 1950's. At my father's workplace, the Angelopoulos metalwork factory. My parents, Aristides and Kleoniki, and I are on the left. 

Above Right: On a camp at Vilia, Attiki. I am standing second from right. 


Above: With my parents, Keloniki and Aristides, and my brother, Mihail. 

Above Right: Family and friends. Standing are Thomas Katsavos and my father, Aristides. Seated are: Penelope Katsavos, myself- holding Sotiris Katsavos, my brother, Mihail, my mother, Kleoniki, and unknown.


Above: With my fiance, Dimitrios Papakirikou. 

Above Right: At a social dance with Nikos Anagnostou, my husband, Dimitrios, my brother, Mihail and Sultana Anagnostou.