Migrants- Agiassos


Family Name: Hatzichrisafis
Name: Efstratios
Life:  1928- 2010
Father's Name: Konstantinos
Mother's Name:   Victoria Taliou 
Siblings:  Nikolaos, Panagiotis
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1962
Sponsor:    Panagiotis Hatzichrisafis (my brother)
Married: Asimenia Tzaneti (Naxos)
Children:  Konstantinos, Mihail
City of Residence: Perth
 Livelihood: Factory Hand- British Motor Company


Above: My family home. From left, they are: my father, Kostantinos; Kostas Glezellis (Chris' son); my mother, Victoria; my sister, Eleni (Glezellis) and her husband Christos Glezellis.

Above Middle: My father, Kostantinos and I. Both photographs were taken in Athens (1961).

Above Right: My mother, Victoria, with my wife, Asimenia.


Above: With two school teachers, Pananis and Tsoukalellis. I am second from the left.

Above Middle: For six-seven years, I was invloved with Kallitehniko Tmima Anagnostirio Agiassou where we staged many plays. In " I Tihi tis Maroulas", I am playing old man Linardo (left) and opposite me is Sousamlis.


Above: Epidauros, 1961. With my wife, Asimenis (nee:Tzaneti).

Above Right: Piraeus. My brother, Panagiotis (middle) is migrating to Australia.


Above: My wife, Asimenia, our sons, Kostantinos and Mihalis, and I.

Above Right: As President of the Progressive Agiassos Association (1985-90)- with my Committee.